Dog Training

How to positively

How to Positively Train Humans Around Your Dog


Training the dog is sometimes the easiest part. But how do you train the humans to appropriately train and interact with your dog? Much like you train your dog. With positive reinforcement, management and redirection.

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Spy on your dog with the Furbo

Spy on your Dog with the Furbo Dog Camera


One time I came home to discover Mr. N all tangled in a reusable shopping bag with the straps looped around his neck. He was so excited to see me he didn’t care but I

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Teaching dogs to be calm 1

Teaching Dogs to be Calm with Mat Work


Does your dog need help relaxing? Are they always on the go? Are they struggling with overarousal issues or separation anxiety? Mat work is the answer to teaching dogs to be calm. Our veterinary behaviorist

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Apartment dog life 1

Can You Have a Happy Dog in an Apartment?


People often think you need a yard to have a dog. Or a house. Can you have a dog in an apartment or is it not fair to the dog? Mr. N lived in houses

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Dog Training Focus

When You Have No Time to Train Your Dog


That to do list never grows any shorter and there are always so many demands on your time. You may think you have no time to train your dog due to all the other pressures

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My Five Favorite Positive Training Tools for Dogs


Tools are an essential part of life and dog training especially when your dog has figured out how to use items as tools. These are some of my favorite positive training tools that serve to

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The Gift of Positive Training with a Veterinary Behaviorist


There was a little dog. And he had a little curl right in the middle of his forehead. When he was good, he was very, very good. And when he was bad, he was horrid.

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Indoor Activities and Games for Dogs


  When the weather outside is frightful and you (or your dog) don’t want to venture outdoors but they’re still looking at you expectantly, what do you do? It’s going to be a long winter

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Halloween Dog Trick: Hold


Going to grandmother’s house. I freely admit it. I taught Mr. N a “hold” purely for photo purposes. Now he’s quite good at holding things in his mouth for photos although he still doesn’t lik

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Journey to Positive Dog Training

Positive Dog Training Reaps Rewards, Love, and Happiness


I often refer to Mr. N as my “guinea pig” dog because he is my first dog and he gets the brunt of my training mistakes. One mistake I’m glad I’ve never made though is

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