2017 Gift Guide for Small Dogs and Toy Breeds


Finding the right products for small dogs and toy breeds can be difficult. Often companies don’t make anything in their size or things  made for them are flimsily crafted. After much trial and error and buying things that can’t be returned, these are some of Mr. N’s favorite products.

2017 Gift Guide for Small Dogs and Toy Breeds

This guide contains affiliate links. If you buy from the Amazon links listed on this blog, it won’t cost you extra but we will get a few pennies that go towards running the blog and Mr. N’s treat allowance!

To Wear

Buddy Belt

We try out other harnesses but time and time again, we go back to the Buddy Belt. It comes in oh so many colors and textures to coordinate with your dog’s outfit or coloring. Ours have lasted for years and years. His first one has been out in all conditions and is still in decent shape with a little bit of dye rubbing off. The other one which I keep for city walking (no hikes in the rain and mud) is still immaculate. It doesn’t bother his trachea so he doesn’t choke while walking which is an important concern for small dog people.

Hurtta Jacket

When Mr. N needs to be weatherproof, I pull out his Hurtta jacket. It’s waterproof with buckles (I prefer buckles over velcro when I can find it) and covers his body and belly quite thoroughly. And he looks dashingly sporty. The jacket is somewhat adjustable so there’s a bit of sliding room on size. It washes well and he’s been through many a puddle and creek and mud while wearing it. They have a new model that is even warmer that I want to try.

To Health

CET Toothpaste

Dental health is a constant struggle with toy breeds. To make sure his teeth are sparkling clean and we keep ahead of tartar, I brush his teeth every night. CET toothpaste is our favorite. He doesn’t object to the taste (it comes in various meaty flavors though I would not recommend the seafood flavor), is recommended by our vet, safe for pets to swallow and contains enzymes to fight plaque.

Profivex® Probiotic

Small dogs have a tendency to be picky and have digestive issues. Mr. N falls in both camps. Pancreatitis tendencies are in both his breed mixes and he’s previously had acute pancreatitis. A probiotic will help with their digestive health, boost their immune system and this one is formulated with pork liver which even most picky eaters won’t object to.

To Ride


Mr. N’s “choice” for a crash-tested way to ride in the car is the Pupsaver. He would much prefer riding in my lap but this is the option he dislikes the least. After a recent car accident, I’m super wary about his car safety and this way, I have more peace of mind.

Sleepypod Air

The Sleepypod Air is our pick for air travel. It’s well-crafted and plush, comes in an array of colors and sturdy. And has pockets! It’s a bit of a splurge but you’ll only have to splurge once. Will definitely last a dog’s lifetime (unless they destroy it…).

What are your favorite small dog products?






9 Responses

  1. Michelle & The Paw Pack

    December 20, 2017 5:42 am

    It’s cool to see a holiday guide geared towards small dogs! My pups are really spoiled. This year for Yule I focused on getting them healthy chews and a few extra things they needed, like a new harness for my older dog and grooming supplies. Happy holidays!!

  2. Beth

    December 20, 2017 6:54 am

    These are great ideas for small dogs. I think Theo would appreciate a Hurta jacket. I’d love to get a Sleepypod carrier for Nelly.

  3. The Daily Pip

    December 20, 2017 7:10 am

    I love reading about Mr N’s top picks. The jacket looks like something that would work well for Ruby. We have always used jackets with velcro, but the velcro eventually wears out and then the jacket falls off (just happened on a walk this morning). Maybe we should try a jacket with buckles!

  4. Jana Rade

    December 20, 2017 5:19 pm

    Cookie just got a new harness; not as a gift, or if so, more for me than her. It’s all black, I like that the most as it is almost invisible on a black dog.

  5. katiekensy

    December 22, 2017 5:17 pm

    I love these ideas! We also have been careful in the car after an accident (the dogs were not in the car thankfully), so we use harnesses. I love the winter jackets too!


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