A Feud Over Dr. Harvey’s Power Patties? (Chewy.com Review)


Friendship is constant in all things

Save in the office and affairs of tripe.

Will two good friends come to blows over who gets the most fragrant raw green tripe crumbly bite first?

Tempting though the tripe might be, and ever so strong the smell, I am happy to report that Sage and Mr. N’s friendship survived the obstacle. Sage still thinks it’s unfair that Mr. N gets the first treat. For the humans, I advise a through hand washing afterwards as the tripe smell lingers on your fingers. Good if you want every dog following you around like a Pied Piper. Bad if you don’t. 
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  1. Elizabeth Keene

    January 27, 2016 9:09 pm

    I might not be as gaggy right now if not I had known from whence tripe came. 😉 (Love how you wrote that review in verse.) Of course, the stinkier the better according to my dogs!


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