From the Archives: Mr. N’s First Lure Coursing Run


The first time Mr. N went lure coursing and won his first CAT (coursing agility test) title after three runs. I was looking at some old photos and found this video from his first trial. He’s running on a dirt field so he basically looks like a moving speck of dirt after the first fifty feet or so.

The dogs chase a plastic bag on a line pulled by a series of pulleys. The non-sighthounds run the CAT. Small dogs (under twelve inches) and brachycephalic dogs run 300 yards and the big dogs run 600 yards. The dogs run individually and in order to pass, the dogs must complete the course in under a minute and half (300 yards) or two minutes (600 yards). 




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    • Tenacious Little Terrier

      September 25, 2015 9:20 pm

      He's really intense and into it. I ran into the woman who took the video a year later and she remembered him and told me he was one of the best coursers she's seen (I assume she means out of the non-sight hounds). She has sight hounds herself.

  1. Emma

    September 25, 2015 2:37 pm

    We have thought of having Bailie give it a try since she loves to run and chase things, but with our other sports right now, we don't have the time. Congratulations to you on your CAT…even though it sounds like an odd name for a dog to get!

  2. Pixel Blue Eyes

    September 28, 2015 2:47 am

    Awesome job Mr. N!! I ADORE running, though I've not been allowed to do it since my back issues got back back in April but I'd love doing something like that for sure.
    Thanks for sharing! Pixel


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