Conquering a Nemesis


There’s a goose that lives a few blocks away from us. Mr. N likes to glare as menacingly as a six-pound dog can through the fence at her and she in turn will flap her wings and hiss at Mr. N. The last couple of times we’ve seen her, Mr. N has managed to creep up on the goose and startle her. And then she runs away, flapping her wings. Mr. N is very proud of himself.

A pictorial description.




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  1. Lauren Miller

    September 14, 2015 10:58 pm

    LOL! Good job, Mr. N! We have geese at the park near where we live and they are SO mean!! Zoe did manage to flush them all back to the pond one day, though.. Total oops on my part. She was supposed to be heeling. It was very embarrassing!


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