Complicated Canine Stick Rituals


When a terrier and a Border Collie get together, they can use their powers for evil. Or for good. They mostly use them for good. On their most recent beach trip, they decided to share a stick. Sage gnawed chunks off one end and Mr. N chewed on the other. 

That is until Mr. N decided he had enough of sharing and dragged the stick away. Sage will take back the stick when Mr.N gets tired of it. Until he steals it back again. 
Do your dogs play games with their friends? 




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  1. Beth

    September 11, 2015 12:52 pm

    I love this picture! Barley's idea of a dog friend is one who completely ignores her existence (like my parents' sweet, wonderful dog), so she prefers to snuggle on the couch with her friends instead of playing with them. Sometimes playing with them gets her too excited and she forgets how to be nice.

  2. Emma

    September 11, 2015 3:37 pm

    We have the antler wars in our house. They go just like your stick story above. Sometimes I find a real nice stick. I flaunt it, but then Bailie steals it from me and eventually drops it somewhere. Seems we all lose interest in time.

  3. Jen Gabbard

    September 11, 2015 8:36 pm

    I love seeing them together – they remind me of my awesome duo I grew up 🙂 I miss having two doggies in the household – it is more work but when you get two that get along it's just amazing watching them play.


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