A Dog’s Guide to Rolling in Grass


Mr. N demonstrates the proper technique for rolling in grass for maximum enjoyment and dirtiness.

First, you sprawl out in the grass.

Then you get on your back and prepare to rub yourself against the grass.


Make sure to kick out your legs and roll with the entire length of your body. Don’t forget to get your head.


Really work those core muscles.


Add a little twist and roll in all directions just to make sure you’re thoroughly covered in grass + dirt smell.

All four directions. If you’re rolling in a circle, you’re on the right track.


If you’re not covered in grass and dirt by the time you’re done, you did it wrong!

Final product.
Mr. N is also giving away a shirt like his (minus the dirt and grass).




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  1. Beth

    June 29, 2015 2:10 pm

    So cute! Looks like he's mastered rolling in the grass. I don't think Barley as ever rolled in the grass–sometimes I swear she acts like she's allergic to nature 😉

  2. Lauren Miller

    June 29, 2015 6:44 pm

    Zoe would like Mr. N to know that he did miss a step. First you need to find something extremely disgusting.. like a dead animal or coyote poop. Then you roll. 😛

  3. Jackie Bouchard

    June 29, 2015 6:44 pm

    LOL, love the gif at the end! He's a pro! Rita must have gone to the same school as him. She's all about the twisting and core work and she does that same "kick up the legs" move when she rolls on the grass!

  4. Janet Keefe

    June 29, 2015 11:39 pm

    Great technique, Mr. N! Our beagle Cricket practices hers every day when I get home from work. Luckily we have lots of green grass right now though, so she doesn't get quite as dirty!
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

  5. Jan K

    October 14, 2017 1:44 pm

    Great demo, Mr. N! I was just taking photos of Cricket doing just that in the yard today. I’m not sure she’s quite as thorough as you are, she might need to take notes! 🙂


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