Monday Mischief #59 – Honey, I Shrunk the Dog


Mr. N shrinks a lot after he gets his hair cut. I’ve weighed him before and afterwards, and he is typically 1/4 pound to a half-pound lighter. I was so tired of him being scruffy, I asked for his “summer cut” and there is very little left to him.

You can actually make out his waist and see how scrawny he is. I’m waiting for people to tell me to feed him more. He’s basically all legs and so gangly. There is a reason these dogs were bred for a full coat of hair. 

Another blogger asked me to post before and after pictures (Susan, was that you?). 
Before with Girl Scout Cookies. 
After with Girl Scout Cookies
Before with his Giant Schnauzer friend. He almost looks fat in this picture.
After. With a headband on his head, just because.

Do you prefer the before or after? 




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  1. Oz theTerrier

    February 23, 2015 8:57 pm

    I know how Mr N feels…and looks. It's the same for me once the undercoat is stripped and the top coat trimmed up, I look much smaller. He looks cute though and that is all that matters!


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