Monday Mischief #40 – Bears and Buses and Tutus


Mr. N and I went to an art festival over the weekend. He doesn’t particularly care for art unless it involves scratch and sniff but he enjoys going to new places and getting attention. They also had a photo booth there and I took this darling photo (with props!) that I’ll post on Wednesday. In the meantime, here’s what the bear photo looks like in color.  

I saw this bus the other day and just had to take a picture. At first I thought it was a humane society bus (but I think they only have vans) but after a closer look, I ruled that out. Maybe a private school bus? I don’t think they let public school buses be decorated in that fashion. I think my favorite is Clifford in the window.

The Dog Snobs posted a request for donations and/or pictures of dogs in tutus for a little girl who has an aggressive brain tumor. Carlin loves dogs, tutus and dogs in tutus. We don’t have tutus on hand due to the no children situation and because the boyfriend has strong opinions about Mr. N wearing “girly” stuff. So… I borrowed a toddler tutu (which is still humongous on Mr. N) and told him to sit still for a hasty photo.

So if you happen to have a tutu lying around (or can get your hands on one) and your dog will put up with clothing, think about posting a photo on the Dog Snobs’ Facebook page. Mr. N says if real men can wear pink, they can wear tutus!




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