Hiking with the Cascadian Nomads and Sage (aka Canine Caravan)


One, two… five dogs? No, I didn’t forget how to count. Mr. N and Sage are good hiking buddies but last Saturday, we had some very special guests join us. Cascadian Nomads stopped in Portland on their last leg of their epic trip to join us for a hike in Forest Park. With all five dogs (Mr. N, Sage, Wilhelm, Brychwyn and Huxley), it was quite the canine caravan.
We took them over to a nearby school yard to introduce them off-leash before the hike. Out of four potential playmates, who does Mr. N pick? The biggest dog of course. He and Huxley chased each other around.
After their meet and greet, we headed over to the Maple Trail in Forest Park which is one of the nation’s largest urban forests and the “crown jewel” of Portland’s park system.

I don’t know what was here but it must have smelled really good to the dogs. They were all crowding to get a sniff.

The trail was a little overgrown in places but Mr. N forged ahead.

We reached the summit which gave us a peek at Portland’s cityscape.

We took a break for water and pictures. Notice how everyone has their tongues sticking out except for Mr. N. Not having a thick (and dark) coat helps in the summer! Come winter though, he’s going to want some of Huxley’s fluff.

The trail was nice and secluded. We didn’t run into anyone else except for one biker and a couple of people at the entrance.

Good thing too because between the eight of us, there was hardly any room left on the trail.

Mr. N is ready to lead the way back. He always wants to walk in the lead position and will tell Sage (or other dogs) off if he thinks they’re about to usurp his position.

He’s very bossy. Especially for someone who looks like a stuffed animal. Or an anime character. Ginormous round eyes, button nose and soft face.

Mr. N surveying his kingdom from his “throne.” I didn’t get a picture of it but the other bloggers took some photos of him with his “subjects.”

Mr. N wondering why everyone else is being a slowpoke. He wants to go, go, go!

After the hike, the dogs got to meet Leo, the Nomads’ cockatoo. I was a little nervous about it because Mr. N has considerable prey drive and I wasn’t sure how he would react. Thankfully, he did not try anything! He got up on his hind legs to sniff Leo and then lost interest.

But when Sage met Leo and tried to jump towards him, Mr. N was not pleased. He saw Leo first therefore Leo was his and paws off!

Leo entertaining the non-canine population with his tricks.

We parted ways after that. The Cascadian Nomads were anxious to get back to their abode before dark and I had to brush all the grass seeds out of Mr. N. Sage was also ornamented with various pieces of greenery.
It was lovely seeing the Nomads again and meeting Leo (I’d met Bethany and the dogs before but Mr. N wasn’t there) and we hope to see them again soon! And we’ll be seeing Sage very soon…




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  1. Jackie Bouchard

    May 19, 2014 6:45 pm

    Ohhhh…. what fun! I doubt Bethany would ever want to meet up with me since I've publicly admitted that her dogs are the ones I'd most like to steal from another blogger. 🙂 Mr. N is so cute! He really does look like an anime character!

  2. Stacey van horn

    May 20, 2014 11:40 am

    What great pictures of some good looking dogs and a parrot having a wonderful time. So great you got to spend time with them again and glad everyone had a good time 😉

  3. Sassmuffins

    May 21, 2014 10:16 pm

    Wow! How neat that ya'll were all able to meet up for this fun walk. And what a scenic and beautiful walk it was. I am sure you had a very good time together; at least that's the story the photos tell!!

  4. Debbie Bailey

    June 28, 2017 5:31 am

    What a fun group! Looks like a fun hike. I’m impressed Mr. N didn’t go crazy over the cockatoo. I feel like mine probably would have. Good boy 🙂

  5. fashionbeyondforty

    June 28, 2017 11:30 am

    What gorgeous pups! What a gorgeous PLACE! I have always wanted to visit Portland!
    Go figure Mr. N would buddy up with the biggest dog BOL!
    What a beautiful bird too!
    Thank you for taking us along with you – such a grand experience for all!

  6. sadieandco

    June 28, 2017 12:58 pm

    Adorable that Mr. N. was protective of the cockatoo! I don’t know how my guys would react. That looks like a beautiful walk – even if Mr. N. did end up wearing the greenery.

  7. Beth

    June 28, 2017 2:59 pm

    What a fun hike you must have had! I would think a cockatoo would be able to hold his own against a Morkie. I have met a few in my life and I have a lot of respect for parrots!

  8. Shayla

    June 28, 2017 9:15 pm

    This looks like so much fun! I love walking with other pups and getting a nice social outing! That Mr. N is too much! 🙂


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