Monday Mischief #27 – Plunging into Mischief


My friend’s daughters and their friends were holding a doll party. They also happened to have a robot dog toy with them. They thought Mr. N’s reaction to it was hilarious.
Afterwards, I took the girls and Mr. N down to the park. We were walking back from the dock when suddenly Mr. N jumps into the water. And the river is running high! I didn’t even have time to think but fished him out by his harness. He was only half wet. Mr. N is not fond of getting wet so it really surprised me. I think he saw the driftwood and thought it was land and jumped. 

We met up with She Speaks Bark and her dog Scooter at the Tin Shed Garden Cafe which has a menu just for dogs. The dogs split the Paw Lickin’ Good (chicken with rice). I also brought along bully sticks so the dogs would have something to do while we ate and talked. Scooter declined to eat his so Onyxx decided to eat both of them. Best day ever.

Photo by She Speaks Bark 




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  1. Laika

    March 18, 2014 1:16 am

    Uhh Mr. N jumping in the river. A good thing you was quick to fish him out again. And the video it's so funny. Have a great day.


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