FitDog Friday #23 – Spring is on its way


It was gorgeous a few days ago. Sixty degrees. Sun. Bright blue sky. So I took the dogs and my friend’s kids over to the park to soak in the sun before it disappeared. It was so warm we all ended up wearing short-sleeve shirts and the dogs pranced around without coats (Onyxx declined to have his photo taken).

I get a treat right?

 Mr. N had just gotten groomed too so he was sporting his summer haircut. Which may get us in trouble in a few weeks when we head to the Midwest.

We could see signs of spring. Flowers starting to peek their heads out and green buds on bushes. It was a hopeful reminder that spring was on the way because the next day it poured rain. It was raining so hard Onyxx sought refuge under the car and refused to continue walking.

Now we’re off on our way to meet Sage for another hike! 




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