There is No Cure for Curiosity


Mr. N has always been extremely inquisitive which never fails to entertain me and worry me. He thinks every open door is an invitation to come in which can be problematic at times and I tell him, “no, we’re not going into the pot clinic!”
After a wellness checkup a week or two ago, I promised Mr. N an outing by ourselves to compensate him for whatever pain and suffering the vet put him through. And he took full advantage of the opportunity and investigated every nook and cranny.
A lot of the dogs in the park were intently playing fetch by the water. Mr. N saw a dog running and wanted to play chase and then the other dog snapped at him and deliberately knocked him over because she thought he wanted her ball. Mr. N luckily was fine but we gave the other dogs a wide berth after that. I’ll spare you the rant on people who bring dogs who guard their toys and their toys to a place where there are plenty of other dogs.
We found some secluded areas and I asked Mr. N to climb a log which he did and then surprised me with how well he balanced on it. He’s always been an agile wee beastie though.
He decided he had to climb these steps and go on the stair rail(?). He really likes climbing up on tall things and peering down.
And peering down at water. I warned him the first time he went on the dock and peered down that if he fell into the water, I wasn’t coming after him! I’d send one of the swimming dogs to grab him from the water by his fleece.


He said hello to some of the fisherman who found it hilarious how intently he inspected everything. They were a little worried about him getting into their bait but I told him to leave it and he did. Now if it were Onyxx, that bait would be long gone.

And then he thought about sneaking onto a boat but decided a sailor’s life wasn’t for him. He was a little naughty at the end and barked at some men who were all carrying large parcels and it was lunchtime so we headed home after that.

For the Onyxx fans:

I have no photographic evidence but this is a true story. I was brushing Mr. N and I set aside a little clump of hair to throw away after I was done. Some time later, I look over at Onyxx and he’s licking his lips and making funny mouth motions. I pried his mouth open and what do I find but Mr. N’s hair!




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  1. Jen K

    January 13, 2014 3:19 pm

    Haha! That's very much how Moses spends his off-leash time, too. He might quickly greet other dogs, but since most want to run around at the park and that's not really his game, he's keen to sniff and inspect (and mark) as much as possible.
    It's funny how he likes heights! Certainly makes for adorable photos!

    • Tenacious Little Terrier

      January 14, 2014 4:41 am

      I thought he was injured because he let out a yelp and was sprawled out momentarily but then he sprang back up and ran to me. The dog was much bigger than him too (granted most dogs are) and of course the owner was like, "she's never done anything like this before."

  2. Debbie Bailey

    July 12, 2017 10:30 am

    Aww, I love letting my dogs wander where they want and seeing what they choose to explore. Mine have a love hate relationship with docks. They love them 90% of the time, but they’re all floating docks and will occasionally get really rocky, at which point they run RIGHT back to land! lol. That’s cute about Onyx too! 🙂


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