Monday Mischief #10 – What does the dog(s) say?


The pups went to a Halloween party at a pet store Sunday. We haven’t finished their costumes so Onyxx wore a red tie and Mr. N wore his costume for last year. They each did a trick for one of the employees. Mr. N danced which is his default move when he sees food and Onyxx sat. I got to spin the wheel to determine their prize. They both won toys. Onyxx picked out a moon squeaky and Mr. N got a ghost toy.

Between Mr. N who was overly stimulated and barky and Onyxx who found a box full of treat samples under a table, I had my hands full. So no pictures from the party. I’ve added a few from last year.

Dogfish? From last year.

The pet store brought in a pet psychic to do short readings for the customers. One of the employees approached us to see if we wanted to do a reading and I said sure. I wouldn’t pay to do a reading but it is fun.

She told us that Mr. N knows how cute he is (!) and he is pretty happy. He likes Onyxx a lot but found our foster of a day to be very annoying. He wants Onyxx to stay so we don’t have more fosters. The psychic said that was strategic of him. Who knew he had cat-like deviousness?

He doesn’t want cats in the house (probably doesn’t want the competition!). He prefers people to dogs (which is true) but he was also demanding attention from her so there is that. The psychic also said he is smart and opinionated. She said pets appreciate being informed and if we’re going on a vacation or other big events, we should tell him a couple of days in advance so he knows.

I iz a cat?

As for Onyxx, she said he knows that we’re not keeping him but that he likes it here. Also he doesn’t like being in limbo and wants a good home of his own. She did say we could manage two dogs but not three. Managing Onyxx is not the problem however!

Onyxx is very sweet and he generally is a pretty easy dog. However, Mr. N isn’t. He is high maintenance. As the boyfriend says, two Onyxxes is less work than one Mr. N.

Also I’m hoping to do therapy work with the next dog (which probably won’t happen for five years or more) and neither Mr. N or Onyxx have the temperament for it.

After the reading, Mr. N was getting a little loud so he went to go wait in the car. I took Onyxx back and we looked around the store (so many cute sweaters) and bought some treats and left.

I took Onyxx to Petsmart afterwards. The other volunteers all admired his tie and his new tricks. Unfortunately, he didn’t seem to attract much interest. One woman asked about him but the rescue director suggested another dog who is known to be cat-friendly (she has several cats). She also thinks Onyxx should go to a home with another small dog which I agree with. He loves to play.

There are over ten pages of Chihuahuas in Portland on Petfinder. There are four Yorkies (and their mixes). It’s hard for an all-black Chihuahua to get noticed. Even the woman at the (human) Halloween party who had a Chihuahua herself spent five minutes talking about Mr. N and how cute he was before noticing Onyxx and commenting that he is mellow. I would like to point out that Mr. N was throwing a fit because her off-leash Chihuahua came running up to us and was in his face while Onyxx barely twitched. It’s like Mr. N is getting rewarded for his misbehavior!

So I’m sitting with Mr. N in my lap trying to quiet him down and she is just standing there asking questions about Mr. N. Poor Onyxx.

Mr. N almost always gets noticed first. Part of it is sheer personality. He is not shy about demanding attention. This is a dog that jumped/climbed four feet (four times his height) to get to two men to demand pets. And as previously mentioned, knows how cute he is and is not afraid to flaunt it. Onyxx is a little shy around new people and situations.

Mr. N and one of his new fans.

I also think Mr. N has more flashy looks. He’s not merle or anything but he is parti-colored and basically looks like a stuffed animal come to life. Maybe black dog syndrome is also affecting Onyxx?

Any ideas on what I can do to make Onyxx more noticeable? Several pet stores have shared him on their Facebook pages and he wears his adoption vest and bright colors when we go out. He’s also increasing his repertoire of tricks. He knows how to high five now.




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  1. SlimDoggy

    October 28, 2013 1:22 pm

    Hmm, Mr. N. has some devious plans there doesn't he. Too bad Onyxx isn't getting noticed, sounds like Mr. N. steals the show…maybe you should leave him home if going to an adoption event, then he won't outshine Onyxx and his sweetness can shine.

  2. GizmoGeodog

    October 28, 2013 5:52 pm

    From the photos and stories, Onyxx sounds like a great little boy and it's sad that he's not finding a home…YOu're doing everything you can and I can hope the perfect home shows up very soon

  3. Jackie Bouchard

    October 28, 2013 7:29 pm

    Oh, poor Onyxx. Yes, maybe it is Black Dog Syndrome. Or just the fact that there are SO many chi's available. We have so many at the shelter where I volunteer. Some of them are super adorable and sweet, and it's hard to believe how long they've been at the shelter, but there are just so many of the little sweeties. Hopefully he'll find a furever home soon.

  4. jen

    October 29, 2013 3:18 am

    Look how cute Mr.N looks in his costume!

    Sorry to hear about Onyxx not getting noticed much, maybe it will just take a little bit of time:)

  5. The Broke Dog

    February 10, 2017 7:25 pm

    The psychic's summary of Mr. N sounds pretty accurate from the limited knowledge of know of him 🙂 Henry prefers people to dogs, too. Would love to foster one day, though!

  6. Hindy Pearson

    February 10, 2017 9:59 pm

    Poor Onyx. I don't know what people overlook black dogs and cats, they are as cute as anything. It's like when we're out with Jack and Red. Jack is a really cute Maltese and although Red is too adorable for words, she's always overshadowed by him. One day someone will come along who will appreciate Onyx and fall in love.

  7. Pawesome Cats

    February 11, 2017 1:01 am

    Black cats are often overlooked too, people are very superstitious which surprises me in this day and age. Onyxx sounds like a sweetheart, I'm sure he'll find his forever home soon and it'll be worth the wait.

  8. Jane H

    February 11, 2017 2:46 am

    How fun to have a reading, do you think looking back now that the psychic was accurate in her prediction of Mr N? & on to Onyx has he found a home yet? I hope so…

  9. Ruth Epstein

    February 12, 2017 3:23 am

    I cannot understand why people are so against black pets, it is something I will never understand. Layla is black and the best. I hope Onyx has found a happy home, Mr N. on the other hand is always so handsome and always sitting so proudly.

  10. Lola The Rescued Cat

    February 12, 2017 2:42 pm

    Mommy had a reading with a pet psychic when I was a little under the weather, and she was spot on! It can be very helpful. We weren't blogging back then, so we don't know the outcome of Onyx's story. We hope it's a happy one!

  11. M Dawson

    February 12, 2017 7:02 pm

    I would put sparkle on Onyxx. Definiely if he likes to be clothed I would go for a cute and eye catchng outfit. People notice the unusual and even if he is mellow having him in a fancy collar of bling might be a help.

    Good luck Onyxx – you deserve a good home.

  12. MattieDog

    February 12, 2017 9:06 pm

    Onyx sounds like a sweetie! We have girlfriends who photograph black critters up for adoption and she always puts them in cute white things (ribbon, hat, bow, collar, etc.,) and that helps! Mr. N makes a super cute fish!

  13. Cathy Armato

    February 13, 2017 4:22 pm

    Has Onyxx found a home since this post? I happen to love little black Chihuahuas! I think black dogs & cats are gorgeous. I've had black foster dogs. To help promote them I put a brightly colored bandana or collar on them. I take photos of them wearing the colorful accessories and sitting or laying on a colorful blanket. I always write a note stressing their best qualities. I promote the photos & notes online and at Adoption events.
    Love & biscuits
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

  14. Kitty Cat Chronicles

    February 13, 2017 4:49 pm

    That's so funny that your husband said that two Onyxx's are less to deal with than one Mr. N! I'm curious how much this has changed in the past few years. Is Mr. N still as high maintenance as he was back then? We hope that sweet Onyxx found his furever home too!


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