Mischief Monday #1 – Desperate Measures


Mr. N is generally a polite dog around food naturally (and some training to keep it that way). He curled up in my lap at an outdoor cafe while I ate a bacon and egg sandwich and didn’t look up once. Let alone beg. But sometimes the inner demon just breaks loose. We were at a pet store meeting Mr. N’s former foster (who we still keep in touch with). She brought along one of her dogs and a foster dog. We were planning to do some shopping then head out to the park for a play date.

The store staff started handing out treats to all three dogs who were thrilled by their captive audience and the treat bonanza. After awhile, Mr. N decided it was taking too long for his turn to come around and jumped over one of the other dogs to get the treat first.

We were too busy laughing to admonish him while he made off with the treat. In his defense, we never taught him that he shouldn’t use other dogs as hurdles.

Primed for mischief. 
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  1. Jan K

    August 26, 2013 4:04 pm

    Sometimes our beagles forget themselves….normally they know to sit and wait patiently for their treats, but every once in a while they get impatient and break form; especially if there is a guest in the house that is the one giving them treats. But I don't think they've every leaped over each other to get to them! 🙂
    It's so hard to be mad at them when they're so darn cute, especially when they do something unexpected!


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